Birth Center Basics

Posted: 12/29/2016

Author: Renee Sicignano, LM, CPM

Many expecting moms have heard the terms “natural childbirth” or “birth center” thrown around but still aren’t sure what that means. We want to define and breakdown what these terms mean and help every expecting mom explore all their options and ask the right questions. 

Pre-Labor Checklist

Posted: 11/10/2016

Author: Renee Sicignano, LM, CPM

If you’re navigating the waters of your third trimester, you are probably being inundated with information along with tips and tricks for labor, prep, and postpartum. Stop, take a seat, and take a breath.

Why Not Natural Childbirth?

Posted: 7/28/2016

Author: Renee Sicignano, LM, CPM

Many people will ask, what does natural childbirth mean and why should I even consider it? Well, we think you should ask a different question: Why NOT consider birthing your baby naturally?

Natural Birth: Benefits for Baby

Posted: 6/2/2016

Author: Renee Sicignano, LM, CPM

While the experience of natural birth at the SCV Birth Center is not only comforting and altogether safer for mommy than a hospital birth, there are plenty of benefits that directly affect the baby.

A Sweet Letter From A Sweet Family

Posted: 5/12/2016

Author: Renee Sicignano, LM, CPM

"The opportunity and experience of a home birth was incredible to say the least. Thank you for helping make that possible and such an amazing memory for our family."