3 Ways to (really) prepare for your birth

Posted: 1/15/2018

Author: SCV Birth Center

Flip open any book on giving birth and you might instantly feel bombarded with all of the things you should be doing to prepare. Eat healthy and never cheat, exercise daily, take this class, and that one. While none are bad ideas, the truth is, preparing for birth is mostly a state of mind. You have to harness your inner power. You have to believe in yourself. And you have to trust your body to do its most important work.


Yoga for Baby

Posted: 1/26/2017

Author: Renee Sicignano, LM, CPM

Yoga has proven to provide physical benefits such as strength, a healthy metabolism, and flexibility. Here are a few benefits of participating in yoga with your little one

December at The SCV Birth Center

Posted: 12/1/2016

Author: SCV Birth Center

Here at the SCV Birth Center we are overjoyed for the holiday season to be upon us. We are so excited to see all our families this holiday season!

What Birthing Classes Are Really Like

Posted: 10/13/2016

Author: SCV Birth Center

If this is your first pregnancy, you may not know what to expect when you first attend a class, and even if you’ve gone through this before, each class is different and educational. Here’s what you have to look forward to.  

Pregnancy vs. Postpartum Messaging

Posted: 10/6/2016

Author: Renee Sicignano, LM, CPM

The messaging you hear from social media, celebrities, and magazines is usually very supportive through your pregnancy but once you give birth you are expected to have it all together and be able to accomplish everything, without any help.
You should put your feet up.” Vs. “Be Supermom.