December at The SCV Birth Center

Posted: 12/1/2016

Author: SCV Birth Center

Here at the SCV Birth Center we are overjoyed for the holiday season to be upon us. We are so excited to see all our families this holiday season!

Visiting A Newborn

Posted: 12/8/2016

Author: SCV Birth Center

The holidays are a time for visiting friends, especially those friends that have recently welcomed a new baby into the family. If you plan to visit any newborns or kids this season, check out these quick recommended tips. 

Eating and Drinking During Labor?

Posted: 12/15/2016

Author: SCV Birth Center

Did you know that you can eat before and during labor? Research has shown that your body needs calories for the work your body is doing through birth. 

2016 Holiday Greetings

Posted: 12/22/2016

Author: SCV Birth Center

It’s December 22nd already and with the holidays right around the corner we wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season! 

Birth Center Basics

Posted: 12/29/2016

Author: Renee Sicignano, LM, CPM

Many expecting moms have heard the terms “natural childbirth” or “birth center” thrown around but still aren’t sure what that means. We want to define and breakdown what these terms mean and help every expecting mom explore all their options and ask the right questions.