Keeping Baby Warm

Posted: 11/3/2016

Author: SCV Birth Center

Winter is often the time of cold weather, germy interactions, and constantly trying to keep your baby safe. 

Pre-Labor Checklist

Posted: 11/10/2016

Author: Renee Sicignano, LM, CPM

If you’re navigating the waters of your third trimester, you are probably being inundated with information along with tips and tricks for labor, prep, and postpartum. Stop, take a seat, and take a breath.

Managing Your Holiday Social Scene

Posted: 11/17/2016

Author: SCV Birth Center

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the season of holiday parties and seasonal visits has officially started. The pressure to attend every gathering and party is exhausting. This holiday season, be super flexible - which includes having the ability to say no. 

Rest & Relaxation

Posted: 11/23/2016

Author: Renee Sicignano, LM, CPM

After all the social outings how do you make sure you are using your down time effectively and getting the most rest and relaxation you possibly can? Especially if you are pregnant, here are some tips for making sure you are getting the most and best sleep possible.