Home Birth


Home Is Where The Heart Is

In the comfort of your home is where you'll experience labor, delivery and compassionate post-partum care.  Essentially the same support and licensed care, but in the place you love best. Home birth is another great option that brings families together, while also bringing your newborn into the world where they will first call home. There is nothing more special than beginning to create memories with your child in your home.

You can expect the following steps during your Home birth:


  • Visits once per month through your 28th week.
  • Bi-monthly visits from 28 to 36 weeks.
  • Weekly visits from 36 weeks until delivery.
  • Post-partum care at 1 day, 7 days, 3 weeks and 6 weeks, including newborn exams and breastfeeding/lactation support.
  • Any lab work necessary, including all blood draws, cultures and pap smears.
Pregnant belly.

Baby in basket.

Additional Questions?

Your natural birth at the SCV Birth Center may also be covered by your insurance!  Still have questions?  Here you can find more information concerning:
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