Gentlest Of Gentle Births

Waterbirth is referred to by most midwives as the "gentlest of gentle births." Embraced by warm, gravity-defying water, often in a tub customized for the safe and comfortable delivery of your baby, mothers who choose waterbirth report a reduction in pain, lessening of anxiety and a marked increase in relaxation. 
Natural birth at birth center.
Waterbirth is available both at the SCV Birth Center and for home births. Home birth parents may choose to rent or buy a temporary "birthing pool."  We will assist you in selecting the right tub for your natural birth needs. 

Concerns about the safety of a waterbirth?
Visit our resources area for evidence based information and midwife suggested resources.
Baby in basket

Additional Questions?

Your natural birth at the SCV Birth Center may also be covered by your insurance!  Still have questions?  Here you can find more information concerning:



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