Virtual Lactation Support

Nutritional, Physical & Emotional Benefits

The nutritional, physical and emotional benefits of breastfeeding to both mom and baby are vast. Breastfeeding is proven to reduce the number of ear infections, improve immune function, and induce less gastro-intestinal discomfort (to name a few benefits). The emotional bonds and benefits cannot be understated. Moms who nurse report fewer incidences of postpartum depression, better bonding with baby, and the confidence and convenience that comes with knowing that you possess everything your baby needs to thrive.


Offering virtual lactation support for your convenience. Virtual lactation appointments are offered in 30 minute and 1-hour options and are done via Zoom video chat. Our virtual appointments are confidential and fully encrypted for your privacy.

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The American Academy of Pediatrics and other well-respected health organizations all agree that breast milk is the best food for babies during the important first year of life.  However, it is very common for mothers to have many questions concerning lactation and breastfeeding, and search for answers from lactation consultants they can trust. Now you can book your virtual lactation support appointment for your convenience and comfort.