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If you’re embarking on the exciting journey of becoming first-time parents or even if you’re seasoned pros in need of a refresher, childbirth education is a topic that comes up quite a bit. With so many options out there, it’s essential to figure out what kind of class suits you best and what information you want to gather. Let’s dive into the world of childbirth education and explore why it can make a world of difference in your birthing experience.

The importance of childbirth education

For first-time parents, childbirth education is an especially invaluable opportunity to be part of a supportive community and gain insights into the stages of labor. Understanding how to cope with early labor is particularly crucial.

Unfortunately, we see it all too often at the SCV Birth Center when many first-time parents tend to pay too much attention to contractions in the early stages of labor, which usually leads to unnecessary anxiety and confusion.

This is where a good childbirth education class comes in. Listening to positive birth stories and watching birthing videos on YouTube or other streaming platforms are still good things you can do. But childbirth education classes provide real, practical information about the stages of labor and how to cope effectively during the early phase.

Dedicated classes on childbirth also bring the benefit of strength in numbers, in a manner of speaking. Learning on your own or with a partner is great, but a live class – in-person or virtual – brings extra benefit because you get to learn from the other people there with you. Maybe someone has a question you never thought of. Or perhaps there’s a mother with a key lesson she learned through a previous birth. These are things you simply can’t get from just taking in birth stories or watching birth videos.

In-person vs. online classes

When it comes to childbirth education, the big question is whether to attend in-person or take online classes. Online courses most definitely offer flexibility and convenience, but in-person classes have unique benefits you just can’t find anywhere else.

With in-person, there’s more of a feeling of community among the group. You’re able to build connections and receive hands-on experiences to help you through your pregnancy and birth journey.

Examples of some topics that are typically covered in these classes are how to time contractions, the various positions the mother can use throughout labor, and various comfort measures. These could be things such as the double hip squeeze, rubbing mom’s back a certain way, or even using essential oils.

Here at our birth center, we recommend in-person classes to most of our families. In a classroom setting, you get to interact with others, ask questions, and learn from shared experiences, enriching your knowledge and preparing you for the big day.

Choosing the right childbirth education class

Now that we have covered the importance of childbirth education, let’s explore a few of the different types of classes available. Also, stay tuned till the end of the post for links to some of our favorite classes!

  1. Bradley Method: A comprehensive 12-week course that covers nutrition, partner support, and natural childbirth. Great for hospital births and some out-of-hospital settings.
  2. Hybrid classes: Combining various theories and techniques, these classes focus on slow, deep breathing techniques and practical approaches. They often draw from Bradley, Birthing from Within, and birth hypnosis.
  3. Birth hypnosis: HypnoBirthing and HypnoBabies are excellent options, teaching deep relaxation techniques that help manage pain and promote a calm birthing experience.

Finding the right class for you

Choosing the best childbirth education class depends on your unique preferences and birthing plans. If you’re planning to have an out-of-hospital birth, we recommend you opt for a class in an out-of-hospital setting. This is how you can make sure the education you receive is aligned with and tailored to the type of childbirth you want for yourself and your baby.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to birth in a hospital, we recommend you find a neutral educator to make sure you receive the most comprehensive information.

Education options for busy parents

If your schedule makes attending in-person classes challenging, don’t worry!

It depends on the course provider, but we find most are willing to offer weekend intensives for parents who are not available during their normal offering times. So this would usually include a chunk of time on a Saturday and Sunday.

There’s also the option of a private class offering. If you find a class you really love, but the timing doesn’t work, ask around to see if you can find a group of people who are also interested. You would need to ask the provider, but some are willing to provide private offerings as long as there are enough people who will take advantage of that custom offering.

Then, of course, there is the online option. There are many out there, but we wanted to mention two specific examples for you to consider. Mama Natural has a great online course that many of our clients have taken and Heavenly Welcome is a great option that presents the information from a Christian perspective. If these don’t quite match what you’re looking for, or you just want to find other options, we encourage you to get out there and do your own research to find what is right for you and your family.

Embrace community and relationship

Childbirth education is not only about gaining knowledge, but it’s also about creating connections and relationships. The community aspect of classes allows you to meet like-minded parents, establish friendships, and provide essential support during your postpartum journey.

It seems a lot of people, through no fault of their own, have sort of forgotten about the importance of real relationships. We’re talking eyeball to eyeball. Actual, physical touch is critical for healthy relationships in general.

We have seen a significant rise in postpartum depression the last few years since 2020 and a lot of it is because people are becoming so physically isolated. And now we’re getting even more isolated by all of our social platforms.

So there really is a need for people to get into a real, physical location, for an in-person childbirth education class. We know it’s really hard. We know it’s hard to schedule the time, but to go someplace physically and develop a relationship and have a dialogue, we just think that’s terrific.

The power of birth hypnosis to help with relaxation

One tool gaining popularity is birth hypnosis, which helps individuals achieve a deeply relaxed state during labor. It is extremely helpful for reducing fear, tension, and pain and promoting a more positive birth experience. Christian individuals can also integrate prayer and meditation practices during labor for a similar effect.

A key distinction to make is that birth hypnosis is not about going into a trance during labor. Not at all. It’s simply about helping mothers focus on their labor, relax their body, let go of the fear and tension and pain, and have a great and positive birth experience.


We here at the SCV Birth Center believe that childbirth education is a critical step in preparing for a positive birth experience. Whether you choose in-person or online classes, finding the right fit for you and your partner is essential.

Don’t hesitate to explore various options and see what’s out there so you can discover the best approach for your unique birthing journey. Remember, knowledge is power, and a supportive community can make all the difference in your childbirth adventure.

Embrace the process, be informed, and enjoy the magic of welcoming your little one into the world!

Some of our favorite childbirth education classes

We have mentioned a few of the different childbirth education styles, so we wanted to consolidate a few links to help you learn more about them.

Online options

Faith-based online option

In-person options

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