So many of our first-time mommies come in overwhelmed with concerns and questions. Will it hurt? I’m scared of the unexpected. What should I be doing right now? First, take a deep breath!

We want to answer all your questions but here are a few quick tips as you explore the option of natural childbirth.

You CAN do it!

Birth is a natural experience that a woman’s body was made for. You may have heard terrifying stories about women giving birth but there is an equal number of greatly inspiring birth stories. Check out the testimonies of some of our happy new mommies. Women have been giving birth since the beginning of time and now with the support of your licensed midwife, natural childbirth is safer than ever.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Planning for the big day in the weeks and months prior to labor can be super beneficial. Building your birth team, prepping your house to bring the new baby home, and readying your body by eating right are all ways you can “train” for the big day. The birthing classes offered at the SCV Birth Center will help you prepare mentally and physically for your journey.

Birth plans are important, but expect the unexpected.

Having a well-thought-through and researched birth plan is very important. The licensed midwives at the SCV Birth Center can help you create an informed birth plan, but know that while you can plan for a million circumstances, you never really know what’s going to happen. This is where the years of experience of the licensed midwives come into play. At the SCV Birth Center we have experience handling every kind of birth supported by policies and procedures that are evidence-based and have been approved. This guarantees a safe and comforting experience for every birthing mom at the SCV Birth Center.

Every birth is a different experience and will require different preparation. Schedule a free consultation with a licensed midwife to have all your questions answered.