Dearest Renee,

Where do we begin? How about clear back to this particular time last year?! Yes, this is long over-due as we have desired to show our appreciation for quite a while. Words cannot express our gratitude to God for you and all that He did through you, to help us during the pregnancy and the birth of our first baby boy! From the very beginning when we first met you last January, our hearts were so encouraged. Even though we were pretty certain before we met, that it would not be possible for you to deliver out baby (because of our prior C-sections), we were still optimistic and wanted to meet with you anyway—in hopes that you could at least provide some recommendations. You were generous to give of your time and listen to our unique situation. You were so kind and encouraging, and we couldn’t help but agree with your perspective on pregnancy and birth. At that point you kindly introduced us to Dr. Yahsarpour, who was very nice to give us his time as well and consider our scenario.

Through God’s providence, and after a few closed doors, we circled back with you and you recommended our other potential option of Dr. Stu. After consulting with him and you (again!), we were thrilled to know that if we chose to have him, we could also have you at our birth! And what a blessing! We greatly appreciated your desire to help care for us and your offer to do the remaining prenatal visits. Again, another great blessing in multiple ways (not only for convenience), but particularly the opportunity to receive your exceptional care and the wisdom and advice you shared along the way. And add to that the referral of Chemin as a doula, and the other helpful options you provided in various classes and seminars at the Birth Center were wonderful.

Thank you also for including our girls in this adventure. That was important to us, particularly this time, since they are older now and able to understand more of this process. It was such a joy for us to share with them the difference in the care you provided compared to that of most other doctors. It was clearly evident to them and they all wished they could come to all of my appointments at the Birth Center. (We’re certain they will prefer to receive care from a midwife someday for their pregnancies without a doubt.) Additionally, thank you for all your work during the labor and delivery. The opportunity and experience of a home birth was incredible to say the least. Thank you for helping make that possible and such an amazing memory for our family. Last but not least, we are very grateful not only for the help you provided to us this past year, but also to many sweet friends of ours. What a blessing you’ve been to so many!

Thank you! May Jesus Christ be praised!


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