Summer has arrived, and with its arrival comes 110º plus weather and direct sun that feels even hotter. Pregnancy will naturally make your body temperature a little higher than normal, so this heat may become unbearable. With the SCV Birth Center serving both San Fernando Valley and Antelope Valley in addition to the SCV, we know our July and August natural childbirth mommies rounding the corner in their third trimester are definitely not looking forward to this heat! Check out these tips and tricks you can use to beat the heat and stay cool when the temp rises.


This may be a no-brainer, but so many mommies need this reminder. Don’t forget to take a 5-minute break and breathe. Your body needs oxygen to continue the healthy development of nutrients for your baby, especially in this heat. Put your feet up and relieve any leg swelling you may be experiencing.


Your licensed midwives here at the birth center recommend drinking at least 12 glasses of water a day. Your body needs this water in order to process the vitamins and minerals you are consuming. Carry a water bottle around with you; it makes it easy to refill. Spice up your water by dropping some lemon or fruit in it – or go crazy and add some mint (chocolate mint, anyone?)!


Being in the water helps alleviate all different kinds of pressure. When you are in the water, you weigh a tenth of what you do on land, so the extra weight of your growing baby isn’t putting stress on your body. Being in the water also keeps your body temperature low.


Who doesn’t love to shop? Especially when you have a new bundle of joy on the way. The mall, or stores in general are usually well air-conditioned. Take a walk around the mall or store and pick up a cute onesie. Not only are you killing two birds with one stone (exercising and shopping), but you don’t need to worry about your air conditioning bill.


If you need to be outside, don’t forget that too much direct sunlight is not good for you. Make sure to stay in the shade or if you need to be in the sun, use a sunscreen with a healthy amount of SPF. Throw a sun hat on, wear sun protective clothing, and lather up the sunscreen.

With temperatures climbing up to and over 110º we have to make sure that pregnant mommies are staying safe and cool.