When preparing for your natural childbirth, you have a myriad of decisions that need to be made including midwife, location, birth team, and so many more. The option of a home birth is one that allows you to create a sacred space, in an already comfortable environment.

An in-hospital birth doesn’t provide the same amount of comfort as a home birth or birth center birth. In a hospital, there are policies surrounding walking around, eating, and sitting and laying-down positions. Whether you choose to deliver at home or at a birth center, with a licensed midwife you are in control of your own birth. Along with the recommendations from your midwife and birth team, you can lean into the safety of your own comfort and respond to your body.

While the licensed midwives at the SCV Birth Center have strong working relationships with multiple doctors at the hospital, by allowing a midwife to be your main birth-care provider, you are choosing to have an intimate one-on-one relationship with someone who cares for you specifically and has most likely walked through your pregnancy with you.

Preparing for a home birth may sound stressful but we are here to help prepare you and your sacred space. We will provide you with the resources you need and assist you in setting up your home birth. If your home isn’t an option, our birth center provides two beautiful birthing rooms, which you can virtually tour here.

Let the licensed midwives at the SCV Birth Center be there for you to answer any and all natural childbirth questions you make have, including questions about having a home birth.