Breastfeeding is one of the most beneficial decisions you can make for your baby, but it can also be a major headache. Is there going to be a place for me to feed my baby? My baby isn’t getting a good latch. Am I producing enough milk? Am I leaking? The list of stressors goes on-and-on. Of course, the lactation consultants at the birth center are going to be able to help with each individual situation, but here are a few recommendations if you’re experiencing breastfeeding agitation.

Join A Support Group

The SCV Birth Center offers some great birthing classes, but we also have multiple mom’s groups that meet throughout the week exactly for you! These groups are moms supporting moms so they know what exactly you’re going through and how you feel.

Skin to Skin

Skin to skin contact can help signal your body to increase your milk production while you get more bonding time with your baby. Two birds with one stone.

Use a Breast Pump

If your baby already has a strong latch, using a breast pump could be a good break for you. This could also give your partner a great opportunity to help you with feedings and get bonding time with the baby too!

Go Do Something for Yourself

Pick up a hobby or take a walk. Focusing on something other than breastfeeding will help reduce stress on your mind and your body. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America notes that studies show that just a little bit of exercise can reduce your stress levels – even a 10-minute walk is effective. Also, taking a hot shower will not only give you a few minutes to yourself but warm showers are shown to sometimes help milk production.

Don’t let this time with your baby be stressful for unnecessary reasons. There are so many ways of being supported and finding solutions that work for you! And as always, if you still are finding breastfeeding to be challenging, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help. The lactation consultants at the birth center love answering your questions and recommending solutions to whatever difficulties you are experiencing.