Postpartum care is just as important as the care and decisions you make when you are pregnant. Postpartum, however, mommies tend to find their direction, strength, and encouragement through community. Of course your licensed midwives will continue to be part of your care, but you will find that a circle of woman who can speak to your new-mommy life is extremely important.

While the SCV Birth Center offers a multitude of birthing classes, we also host many postpartum groups. These groups are where you can come and be in community with other mommies who are going through, or have gone through, the same experiences. There have been so many times that a mom is afraid to ask a question or make a statement – and then someone else says exactly what she is thinking. It’s these types of shared experiences you will encounter at our Moms’ Group.

In Moms Group’, Birth Circle, and many other classes hosted by the SCV Birth Center, you experience women supporting you and others by giving advice, listening, crying, laughing and just being there for each other. For every answer or tip you have for the group, you gain twice as much from being in community with other women. From diaper and cream types, lactation help, and sleeping tips, it takes a tribe to birth and raise a child.

In addition to our birthing classes, check out our Moms’ Groups on our Event Calendar. Also, make sure you are part of the Friends of SCV Birth Center group on Facebook. There you will be kept up to date with our Moms’ Groups as well as have a place to be in virtual community with other moms.