“Dear Birthing Team,
I have chosen you specifically to be part of my birthing team. I value you as a person and I know that you will support me throughout my pregnancy and while I am in labor. I have chosen to have a natural childbirth, which means you get the pleasure of sitting alongside my midwives as they help guide my new little one earthside. Please be there for me as I grow our family. I rely on you for your strength & support.

Thank you for being a part of this journey.”

Your sister, your wife, your daughter, or your friend has chosen you to be part of her birth team. What does that mean? That means that you get to encourage her emotionally and physically through her exciting journey. She turns to you for words of empowerment and comfort. She trusts that with your support, she will have less stress and more strength. Here are a few topics for you to think through that will prepare you to support your friend through her labor.


When thinking about how to be there for the new mommy, think about what words and phrases you think she needs to hear when she doesn’t think she can do it. Prayers, words, and sometimes even silence is what she needs to hear. A sweet smile or a quick “you’ve got this” reminder can make a world of difference for the laboring mommy.


Sometimes, just holding her hand or rubbing her back will calm the nerves and muscles. Other times she may need help moving around the birth center or house. From her birthing classes, the mom knows the positions that will make her comfortable and you may need to help her into and out of those positions. Knowing the movements or exercises that she prefers ahead of time will help you help her.


Help alleviate any stress that may weigh on her. The new mommy may ask you to secure a photographer, or to take over her social media for periodic updates. These kinds of tasks will allow the mommy to focus on the natural childbirth instead of trying to multitask. Think about outside factors such as childcare for the other children, or house preparation. Prepped meals for the first few days at home following the baby’s arrival can be a life-saver for the entire family!


Maybe she has asked you to help research important decisions such as special birthing classes or what kind of stroller to buy. Take the time to do the research and be supportive of the decisions she makes. Pick up a natural childbirth book or read a blog, and be in the know about pregnancy and labor.

The journey

And finally, enjoy the opportunity to be a part of this incredible journey with your friend!

Photo by Becca Rillo.