Did you know that you can eat before and during labor? Of course, everyone is different so make sure to consult your licensed midwife before stuffing the birth bag full of snacks. One of the biggest misconceptions about birth is that your diet for the duration of labor should consist of ice chips and clear liquids. Research has shown that your body needs calories for the work your body is doing through birth. Eating provides your body with the nutrients and energy you need.

Consuming food while in labor allows you to maintain a healthy blood sugar. When your blood sugar goes out of whack you could experience difficulties such as fetal stress, fatigue or seizures. Again, each person is different so please talk to a licensed midwife before deciding what foods and drinks are best for you during your birth – but here are a few common foods for your birthing snacks.

While we say ice chips aren’t the only thing you can have, water really is the most important things to consume while giving birth. Staying hydrated is key to keeping you strong and motivated. If you’ve had enough water, 100% fruit juice will help with hydration while also supplying other benefits.

Honey sticks are easy and convenient for laboring moms to suck on. They provide natural sugar and aren’t packed full of artificial flavoring and chemicals.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea packs a ton of labor benefits (as well as for the 3rd trimester). This study shows the tea helps shorten labor – who wouldn’t want that? They’ve also found that the tea could help strengthen the uterus and pelvis area.

Add some light protein will help keep your strength up. Try some fat-free yogurt. There are plenty of healthy (no artificial colors or preservatives) single-serving yogurts available that make it easy to pack and consume.

After giving birth, you will be hungry. Actually, probably starving. Each momma is different and will probably crave something different. Pizza and In-n-Out tend to be common choices among the new moms – definitely a well-earned indulgence!

Did you have a go-to food or drink while you were laboring?