While we are based in Southern California where we don’t usually have to worry about below zero temperatures, there are still plenty of days you have to worry about keeping your baby warm. Winter is often the time of cold weather, germy interactions, and constantly trying to keep your baby safe.

Keeping your baby warm doesn’t mean piling on the blankets, especially in the crib. Having too many loose articles or blankets increases the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). The midwife recommends wrapping your baby in a onesie then tightly swaddling them in a light blanket – this will keep them toasty and safe through the night.

When it’s time for an outing you may be tempted to put on the adorable long sleeve with the sweater, scarf, jacket, and beanie – oh and don’t forget the super cute leggings and boots. Do it! Keeping your baby warm while you run your errands is super important, and is often super fun to pick out.

One midwife recommendation on winter clothes for babies: make sure they aren’t too bundled up when strapping them into the car seat. In order for the car seat to be fully functional and safe the baby needs to be snug. Don’t place blankets between the strap and the baby. It’s much safer to put the blanket over the harness.

Last but not least, keeping your baby safe from germs. Don’t worry about asking people to sanitize before touching your baby. Keep a small hand sanitizer in the diaper bag and you will be ready for any interaction. This not only protects your baby but if you sanitize often you’re keeping yourself healthy as well.

Don’t let the cold weather become burdensome when it comes to your baby. Keep your baby safe while sleeping by mastering the swaddle and when you go out bundle up the baby.

Happy Winter!