If you’re navigating the waters of your third trimester, you are probably being inundated with information along with tips and tricks for labor, prep, and postpartum. Stop, take a seat, and take a breath. Here are just a few simple tasks you’ll want to have completed before you rush off to the birth center for your natural childbirth.

Often referred to as your hospital bag, your birth center bag should be packed a couple weeks prior to your due date. Even if you are planning a natural childbirth at an accredited birth center, you still want to have your bag packed and ready to go. Your licensed midwives at the SCV Birth Center will have a lot of what you need but bring anything that will make you comfortable and support you through your birth.

Taking your new little one home from the birth center in a safe and properly-installed car seat is super important. Make sure to follow all the installation steps and properly follow all the recommendations.

Preparing your house for your family’s new addition can be done months in advance but will seem to creep up on you if you don’t plan. Prepare the nursery, including the crib with clean sheets and blankets, along with washing all the baby’s clothing (make sure to use sensitive soap for anything coming in contact with baby).

Having meals prepared and frozen will also make a big difference. Many people can rely on their community to provide some meals but having a few meals in the freezer that can easily be warmed up can relieve a lot of stress. And you can stock your favorite comfort food!

If you have any questions or need help with any of these, please let us know. The licensed midwives at the SCV Birth Center want to help answer any natural childbirth questions you may have.