Transition from being a mommy of one to a mommy of two is a big change. You made it through your first birth and either you had an amazing natural birth, or you had a hospital birth and want to give home birth a try. Being a bit scared is normal, but don’t let the apprehension prevent you from experiencing the joy and excitement of growing your family, if that’s what you want to do.

This transition can be one of the hardest transitions yet. The lessons of being a first-time mom are still a daily learning process but in adding a second child to your family you will learn things you never knew you would need to know. And the first thing you learn is the ability to multi-task at a whole new level!

Having another baby isn’t repeating what you just did, it’s a whole different experience. As we often say: Each pregnancy is different. You may have had a fantastically smooth natural childbirth, or maybe you had an exhausting pregnancy- don’t expect the same for your second. Most moms have much different pregnancies, with very few having similar experiences for all their pregnancies and births, especially as you learn more about your birthing options.

Sleep – yah, none of that with multiple children. Moving on…

Adding another body to take care of is not easy. There is another mouth to feed, another booty to clean, another precious head to put down for a nap, but as your children start to grow you see that they will build a friendship. That friendship usually consists of occupying each other, allowing small snippets of time for yourself. These friendships also often include sibling spats, fighting, and the occasional mom in tears.

You will quickly realize that each child has their own personality. They don’t only grow but you will see them grow together, a beautiful relationship fostered by but not dependent on you. You’ll start to see their personalities and strengths blossom. This is one of the most spectacular actions you will ever witness – your children teaching each other as they grow.

Many moms fear that your love and attention will spread thin, as if the relationship with your first-born will be pushed aside. That same burst of love and pure connection you had with your first-born will be experienced with the next, and the next, and so on. You aren’t dividing your love and effort among the children. It’s not a pie to be sliced. It may feel like some days you are being pulled in 1,000 different directions but just remember that you are enough for each of your children and they will naturally reciprocate that unconditional love.

If being a mom to an only is where your heart is, that’s perfectly fine too – enjoy your little one! But if you’re excited about bringing another child into your family, there’s much to be excited and prepared for. If you’re interested in a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) or looking to have another natural childbirth, contact us today.