Last week, we talked about keeping up with all of this season’s social demands… parties, social gatherings, and family dinners. But after all the social outings how do you make sure you are using your down time effectively and getting the most rest and relaxation you possibly can? Especially if you are pregnant, here are some tips for making sure you are getting the most and best sleep possible.

Bed Time Ritual

Make sure to be consistent in your bed time ritual. This includes a set bed time. That’s right, even adults need bedtimes. Your body will start to get used to the rhythms of the day including what time your body is winding down and going to sleep. You can even sync up with your baby’s sleeping pattern.

Take a look around you and make sure there is not any light sneaking through the curtains and that the thermostat is set at the right temperature. If you’re a co-sleeper, remember, your baby is usually a little heater so make sure to keep the room nice and cool to keep everyone comfortable.

Limit Your Screen Time

After a long day wrangling the children, sometimes all you want is to plop into bed and mindlessly scroll through social media. While this is so tempting, and most often the only time you get to catch up on your favorite TV series, be careful. The type and amount of light emanating from your screen actually keeps your brain very busy and very awake. Turn the screen off at least an hour before you sleep and your brain will thank you.

Watch What You Are Consuming

What you eat and drink through the day can easily affect your sleeping patterns. While most people already know how caffeine or sugar will affect your ability to go to sleep, there are plenty of other variables that will make a difference, such as calories. You don’t want to consume a ton of calories before trying to go to sleep. Calories are meant to be consumed to give you energy throughout the day. If you’re having problems with being hungry before going to bed, call our offices and talk to one of our licensed midwives who can help suggest special types of foods or teas that can help combat the hunger.

Say No, Say Yes

As we discussed last week, feel free to say no to invites. Conserve your energy by selecting a limited number social outings and parties. If this just isn’t a possibility for you, take up the neighbors on their offer to babysit, or your mother-in-law’s offer to help clean the house. It’s ok to take some help through the season. It will help relieve some stress.

If these pre-cautionary steps don’t help please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Don’t let this season wear you out, instead, let this season be one of rest and relaxation. Enjoy your holiday tomorrow!