According to a new super adorable ad for the super bowl (and various data), a surge in birth rates exactly nine months later in the cities whose sports teams won championships, is not an uncommon phenomenon. It happened in Boston after the Red Sox notoriously broke their streak and “the curse” to win the 2004 World Series, and hospitals have recorded spikes in birth rates in other cities. Whether it’s a result of ecstatic fans celebrating in the most stripped down way, or just one too many stadium brews, the bare essentials is: big wins mean more babies.

When it comes to the Super Bowl, the phenomenon is known as “Super Bowl Babies”. And if the data is accurate, come November, New England (congratulations Patriots) might experience a bit of Super Bowl Baby Boom, too. Hopefully, these babies are just an expression of love and joy and result in equally adored new family members. And if so, how cool is that? Some people celebrate by high fiving and taking to the streets. But since we’re clearly baby people, we’re pretty partial to the idea of making Super Bowl Babies.

We might be a few thousand miles away from the team’s hometowns this year, but when it comes to squishy newborns, we’re always in full support. Call us baby-obsessed. It’s possible we’ve sniffed one too many newborn heads to think clearly. Or maybe we just really love our jobs. But seriously, if more babies is the game then count us in.

Here’s 5 reasons why this year, we’re rooting for Super Bowl babies:

It’s a lifetime souvenir. I mean, what better way to embrace your love of the game than by securing a lifetime souvenir- your very own Super Bowl Baby! Just kidding. That baby will likely turn into a child who will want to watch Batman or Frozen while you’re trying to watch all future games.

Football onesies. Always cute. Always in style. And since your baby will be here by next year’s Super Bowl, their outfit will already be picked out.

A great story to tell the grandkids… kind of. Okay, maybe wait until they’re older for that classy tale.

It’s a good way to burn off the nachos, the chicken wings, the sloppy joes, the chips, the beer, and… oh yeah, the cupcakes. Come to think of it, you might want to do it twice for good measure (and to up your chances of conceiving).

You’ll feel like a real winner on game night. Making a baby might be the ultimate way to celebrate your team’s big win. But seriously, a baby conceived in love really is the ultimate prize. Or at the very least, a love of the game.

This year, we’re wishing you a fantastic Super Bowl, no matter how you choose to celebrate (or console each other!). But whoever you root for this season or next, know that we’ll be here to catch your babies at the start of each new season and the rest of the year, too. Happy game day!

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