For a new mom, nothing is more exciting than baby’s first Christmas! The cute jackets, family pictures, and memorable ornaments consume every moment of this month. The holidays are a time for visiting friends, especially those friends that have recently welcomed a new baby into the family. This is also the season that everyone fights the sniffles and sneezes. If you plan to visit any newborns or kids this season, check out these quick and easy tips recommended by your licensed midwife.

Schedule a time.

Your new-mom friend is probably going crazy trying to figure out schedules when it comes to nursing, naps, getting dressed, and running errands. Don’t just swing by- instead text ahead of time and make sure your timing will work for her. If you set a time, make sure to not be late. She probably only has a small window of time before the next feeding.

Wash your hands when you get there.

This can’t be stressed enough. The baby’s immune system isn’t fully developed yet, so make sure before interacting with the baby that you wash your hands and disinfect.

Make sure it is ok to bring your little one.

Before you bring your young child with you, make sure it’s ok with the mom. Don’t just assume it’s ok to bring your little one with you. Kids carry germs around with them everywhere they go and aren’t as careful with sharing the germs as they are their toys.

Bring a small gift.

‘Tis the season, right? The gift could be a something as small as a stuffed animal or cute onesie. The gift could also be for the new mom, or sibling. For the mom, something like a lotion or house slippers are always appreciated and for the sibling maybe a coloring book. Even just asking if they need anything from the grocery store could be a blessing. A small gesture will go a long way for the newly growing family.

If the mom feels comfortable, offer to watch the baby while she showers or takes a quick power nap. This is a gift all moms would appreciate.

Be happy and excited!

Hopefully the baby blues haven’t affected the new mom, but it’s quite possible she’s not feeling super festive this season. If she seems a little down, being happy and joyful will be super helpful. A smile, happy story, or funny joke could be just what she needs to brighten her day.

If you’ve been fighting a cold or cough it’s best to not even risk it. Stay home and instead make a phone call or Facetime date. Wait a couple days and then make the visit. Some moms may not be comfortable having anyone over to the house yet so just be flexible and adhere to the new mom’s wishes. Enjoy sharing that first holiday with the recent arrival!