Yoga has proven to provide physical benefits such as strength, a healthy metabolism, and flexibility. The benefits of continuing to integrate yoga into your life while pregnant tends to expand the benefits to also include improved sleep and endurance for the muscles needed to birth. Maintaining your health throughout your pregnancy is important for you and your baby and keeping a consistent dedication to health after your pregnancy is just as important. Here at the birth center we offer yoga classes for mommies anywhere along their natural childbirth journey. We have recently added Mommy & Me Yoga to the list of our birthing classes, and here are a few benefits of participating in yoga with your little one.

Helps Digestion for Baby

There are certain movements and poses that are specifically implemented in Mommy & Me Yoga that promote healthy baby digestion. Come experience a class and see if these poses can help ease your little one’s colic or just overall fussiness.

Sleep for Baby and Mommy

That’s right, yoga stretches and engages your body in ways that promote rest and relaxation. Through breathing and stretching your body, as well as your baby’s, will be stimulated in a way that encourages your body to sleep for longer stretches of time. You may find it easier to put your little one down for their afternoon nap after a Mommy & Me Yoga class.

Instills Healthy Habits

Babies are at a very formational time in their life and if you start conditioning them early in life that exercise is an important aspect of life, it will remain an important aspect in their life. As they continue to grow and see you keep these healthy habits in your life, they will value the time you spent with them in a yoga class.


Anytime you take to spend with your little one outside of completing life’s requirements are special moments for you and your baby. Take the time to enjoy a walk in the park, or a yoga class. These times will build into your relationship a bond that will continue to grow.

We offer multiple types of yoga at the SCV Birth Center. Check out the event calendar to sign up for the upcoming Mommy & Me Yoga, taught by Janine, and to see what other birthing classes you may be interested in.