The relationship you build with your licensed midwife is like one you’ve never had before. Throughout your maternity care, this relationship quickly turns from a business relationship to a friendship. Your midwife becomes a part of your natural childbirth instead of you needing to become part of a systematic hospital birth.

We Get To Know You Personally

Every mom is different and creates a special connection with their midwife. All of our licensed midwives take time to care for you individually. We aren’t just talking about your birth plan, and medical decisions but we rely on the natural bond of knowing you that is so important. We will become part of your family, we will know your pregnancy specifically and care for you as the unique person.

We Are Honest

If something needs to be said, we will let you know. All of our licensed midwives will become invested in you so deeply that we want to make sure you know everything you need to know.

We Are Part Of Something Important In Your Life

Bringing your baby into the world is one of the most important days of your life. The people surrounding you in that moment will forever be part of this miraculous memory. Your licensed midwife will be there, as part of your support system, encouraging and using evidence-based care to guide you through your journey.


If we could give you one tip, ask us! Ask us all the questions you have swirling around in your head, all the questions you think are stupid (they’re not!), or are too embarrassing to ask. Trust us, we have heard it all and we want to answer them all for you!

We Listen To You And Believe You Can Do It

No medical professional can guarantee your birth will go exactly as planned but we support our birthing mommies by knowing what they prefer in all situations. We support healthy and natural childbirth. As certified midwives, we have to answer to a very high level of care. Everything we do with a mother has to have been documented in three medical journals and is evidence-based.

If you choose to have a natural childbirth with a licensed midwife, you will experience all of these relational aspects with your midwife.