How do I know if I want a doula at my birth?

Posted: 6/14/2018

Author: SCV Birth Center

In recent years, there’s been a growing wave of women discovering the amazing impact a birth doula can have on labor and delivery. But if you don’t know what a doula is or does, let’s start with the basics. A doula is a trained professional, hired to support and assist a woman’s birth in a variety of ways. She is knowledgeable about birth, can help with comfort measures and labor positions, calming techniques like visualization, and even help your partner know how to best support you during delivery. There’s a lot of evidence to support to positive impacts of having a doula at your birth, like quality pain management, lower rates of interventions and better birth outcomes overall. But how do you know if one is right for you?

Fitness Before, During and After Pregnancy

Posted: 5/22/2018

Author: SCV Birth Center

Join Renee the Midwife and special Guest Nicki Herrera from The Training Club and Birth Fit SCV as they chat about fitness before, during and after pregnancy.


"I'm afraid to give birth": Gentle reminders to calm your nerves

Posted: 4/27/2018

Author: SCV Birth Center

Some women go into their child’s birth feeling calm, cool and collected. They simply trust in their body's innate ability to grow and deliver a baby. But others, no matter how hard they try, have a harder time calming their nerves. It's understandable because birth can be unpredictable. It can also be especially anxiety-inducing if you've never been through it or have had a difficult experience in the past.


Often times, women feel at a loss for what to expect. And it’s true that there are a lot of unknowns which can leave women scared and overwhelmed. What will it feel like? Will I be able to handle the pain? What if something goes wrong? These are all normal questions that most women who are about to become mothers have asked themselves.


Breastfeeding with confidence: Here's what moms really need

Posted: 4/16/2018

Author: SCV Birth Center

We’re told all the time that one of the many perks of breastfeeding is that it’s completely free. While the cost of formula can really add up, with all of the breastfeeding contraptions and devices out there, so can nursing. There are simply many so products on the market, that are supposed to help with nursing a baby. And it can be so confusing for new moms, too, who are told they need X, Y, and Z. How do you know what to put on your baby registry when they are literally hundreds of gadgets designed for nursing. How do you know what you really need?


Why exercise during pregnancy is important

Posted: 3/27/2018

Author: SCV Birth Center

Pregnancy is a time for rest and relaxation, right? We’re constantly telling pregnant women to take a load off, kick up their feet, enjoy that extra milkshake! While it’s true that you should respect your body, and sometimes that means extra rest and the occasional indulgence, maintaining an exercise regimen during pregnancy is also important. If you aren’t feeling well, especially during the first trimester, or are struggling with long-term morning sickness (like hyperemesis gravidarum), the thought of exercise might be laughable. But if you’re enjoying a healthy pregnancy, there’s no reason not to hit the gym, take that yoga class, or continue enjoying your active lifestyle.