These days, there’s an app for just about everything. The same is true when it comes to pregnancy apps. There are tons to choose from that cover just about everything you can imagine, like interesting facts about pregnancy, finding out exactly what’s happening during development, week by week, or even guided workouts and meditations that are unique to your changing body. 


The things is, there are tons of pregnancy apps that you think will be fun, or educational and turn out to be boring or just not all that informative. You download them and delete them after a few weeks. Not all apps are worth a purchase or even a download. Because in a world where anyone can create an app and market it, you have to get choosey about what takes up your phone storage. Especially because pretty soon, you’ll need room for hundreds of pictures of your baby’s face. 


We scoured the app store for the best stuff for mamas-to-be so you don’t have to waste your precious time doing it. 


Here are 5 of the most fun and unique pregnancy apps around:


  1. Life Lapse– Ever seen those adorable time lapse videos? Now you can make one to document your pregnancy incredibly easily. With the Life Lapse app, you can take belly bump pictures throughout your baby’s gestation, then piece them together along with a song of your choice, to have the most amazing memory video of this special time in your life. The app is great because it allows you to set reminders to take photos every day or every week. Customizing your video is made simple, too. Once you’re finished, you’ll be able to see all the stages of your pregnancy fly by in just a few seconds, then you can share it with friends and family, on YouTube, and even with your baby one day. 


  1. My Baby’s Beat– It’s wonderful to sit back and let nature do its thing. After all, your body is pretty amazing at knowing exactly what it’s doing. But if you get curious, or just want to feel a little extra connection to baby, there’s an app that allows you to listen in close. By utilizing your phone’s microphone, you can listen to your baby’s heartbeat from the comfort of your home without waiting for a trip to your midwife or doctor. The app recommends you switch your phone to airplane mode for the safest usage, and the sound quality is best after 30 weeks. But who knew your phone also doubled as a doppler? Well, now you do!


  1. Sprout Pregnancy- There are tons of apps that tell you facts about pregnancy but none quite like Sprout. It has a pregnancy journal and personalized tracker so you can be in-the-know about what’s going on on the inside. But it also has a next generation interaction feature which allows you to see real-to-life movements. There are tons of other tools to be explored all in this one app, too, so you won’t need a separate button for each. Now you can get your info and have a bit of fun all in one place. 


  1. Baby Pool– Friends and family have long been known to guess the details about your baby such as the sex, the date and time of birth, what the name, weight, and length will be. It’s an especially fun baby shower game, too. This app lets loved ones take it to the next level and have a little fun of their own by placing all-in-good-fun bets. By using Baby Pool, everything is stored safely and accurately and once the baby is born, the participants earn points for their correct answers. The creator of the pool can add fun prizes, too, but no matter what, it’s a super cute way to engage with others during your pregnancy and see whose instincts are right on the money. 

5. Hello, Belly- When it comes to gestation, it can be stressful and filled with medical jargon. This app focuses on the fun and cute so you can feel light as a feather and free as a bird. It has daily tips, yoga, visualizations and more, and it’s also dad-friendly. This is one that’s built for belly laughs so, if you’re tired of the same old boring advice, then Hello, Belly, is the one you need on your device.