Pregnancy in the summer can be downright miserable. Between sweat in places there has never been sweat before, chafing, and body parts taking on new shapes every week, dressing your pregnant body gets interesting. Finding summer clothing items that not only flatter, but actually make pregnancy more comfortable and thus, easier, becomes a priority. And, as every pregnant person knows, finding those items that you don’t want to take off feels like hitting the lottery. These days, there is so much on the market to choose from, so it can be tough to know where to start. 


Here are 9 summer clothing essentials for a breezy pregnancy: 


1) Bandalettes– When it comes to that dreaded thigh rub, pregnant mamas have been known to get creative, wearing bike shorts, using powders and creams, and other clever hacks. But there’s a new, way more adorable item, that helps with thigh chafing. Enter: bandalettes- the anti-chafing thigh bands that go under your clothes and help keep you rash free all summer long. 


2) A maxi dress that goes anywhere- Ask just about any mama-to-be what her favorite summer go-to is and she’s bound to mention her favorite maxi dress. Not only can you wear them just about anywhere, they also keep you cool and provide maximum moveability. This Amazon maxi is a best-seller with a great price and comes in tons of colors. Plus, since it’s not specifically a maternity dress, you’ll be able to wear it next summer, too. 


3) Comfortable sandals

Taking care of your feet during pregnancy is an absolute priority. Because changes in feet, like swelling and soreness, are common, comfortable shoes are extra important. Arch support also helps to support proper posture and alleviate back soreness and other alignment issues. Shoes like Teva sandals are supportive while also letting your air out your toes, will help keep your pregnant feet (and the rest of your body) feeling spry. 


4) A Great maternity bathing suit

Bathing suit season can be a challenge for moms-to-be. Your body has undergone so many changes and while you might be feeling beautiful and confident, sometimes, you might be feeling a little uncomfortable in your skin. Do yourself a favor and invest in a beautiful suit, like this gorgeously patterned one-piece by A Pea in the Pod, that makes you feel like your best poolside self. 


5) A beautiful beach cover up

Pregnancy can make your skin prone to tons of different issues like hives and rashes. It can even make you more sensitive to the sun. If you’re headed to the pool or the beach, it’s a good idea to have a cover-up on hand but that doesn’t mean you have to look like a sack of potatoes. This flowy beach cover-up by ASOS with a plunging neckline feels fashionable, functional and ultra beachy. 


6) A comfy jumpsuit- 

Jumpsuits are fun, youthful and totally on-trend. Not to mention, they are incredibly comfy and easy to pull off and on. This adorable jumpsuit by Motherhood Maternity is fashioned just right for the pregnant body. It can be dressed up or down and is just loose enough to keep you cool during the summer months. Plus, it has pockets for your ginger candies!


7) A mesh sports nursing bra– 

If you’re planning to stay active during pregnancy, which, as long as you’re feeling well enough, you totally can and should, having a comfortable functional sports bra will be a great investment. Because contrary to popular belief, breast changes don’t just occur once your milk comes in. They begin during pregnancy. This mesh sports bra is great because it will keep you cool and supported, plus, since it doubles as a nursing bra, you can continue wearing it long after the baby arrives. 


8) Shorts that go with everything– 

Nothing beats a pair of comfy maternity shorts that don’t cling, let your legs breathe, and are comfortable on your waist. This pair of black shorts from Old Navy are designed for your growing belly, will go with just about anything, and they’re only $18. Pregnancy perfection. 


9) A breezy tank– 

Summer style and a great tank go hand in hand. This body-hugging basic white tank by Hatch is a pregnancy must-have. The lower armholes will help keep you cool, though the piece is great for laying, too. But the best part is, this simple piece goes with just about everything, so you can get tons of wear out of it all summer long.